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Kratong Thong Light crispy rice flour cups filled with blend of tofu, peas, carrots, corn kernels and seasoned with traditional Thai herbs.
Toong Thong Corn Kernels, carrots, peas, cream cheese wrapped in crispy bean curd to resemble golden bags.
Kanom Beung Krai Lad Paper-thin crepe filled with bean curd, peanuts, pickled radish, and kaffir lime leaves, grated coconut and bean sprouts served with Thai cucumber vinaigrette salad.
Por Pia Tod Crispy spring rolls filled with seasoned glass noodles, mushrooms, and a mixture of vegetables.
Satay Charcoal-broiled marinated tofu on skewers served with toasted traditional bread, peanut sauce and cucumber dipping sauce.  
Mee Krob Chao Wang Sweet crispy rice noodles with tofu, pickled garlic, som zha (Thai citron) and tamarind sauce.