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Pla Krapong Tod NamplaCrispy sea bass served with a flavorful green mango salad relish.
Pla Krapong Tod Sauce MagroodBreaded sea bass fillets drizzled with our signature kaffir lime and Pineapple sauce.
Tod Mun Pla KraiTraditional patties of pureed fish spiced with kaffir lime leaves, curry and slivers of green beans deep-fried and served complimented with a spicy cucumber salad and crushed peanuts.
Tod Mun Goong Breaded Thai shrimp cakes served with spicy sweet and sour sauce.
Tod Mun BussaracumBussaracum’s creation. A unique combination of ground shrimp and fish served as crispy seasoned patties.
Pla Muek Hom Pad Kai KhemA pleasant surprise of a marrying of flavors of stir-fried calamari with salted eggs, bell peppers, onions, and spring onions.