History of Bussaracum

        In addition to being the first restaurant to specialize in royal Thai cuisine, Bussaracum likewise was the kingdom’s very first fine-dining Thai venue. Soon after opening in 1982 the restaurant quickly established itself as essential on any dining itinerary. For instance when visiting heads of state came to Bangkok, such as Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and the King of Sweden, dinner at Bussaracum featured as a scheduled culinary highlight.

        Over the years, Bussaracum has gained numerous accolades from international publications and received much praise from highly regarded food critics.


  • Bussaracum restaurant opens in 1982.
  • Bussaracum Master Chef/Partner  Boonchoo Pholwatana honored as one of the world’s ten best cooks by H.J.  Heinz Company in their Annual Report Book of Cooks.
  • American TV presenter Joyce Jue devotes a series of programs to Bussaracum as part of her “Asian Culinary Tour”.
  • Ruth Law, American TV personality and culinary authority, includes Bussaracum in her “Far East Culinary Tour” program.
  •  Lord Litchfield awards Bussaracum to be one of the world’s best establishments for his COURVOISIER’S BOOK OF THE BEST.
  • Newsweek reviews Bussaracum and describes the restaurant as “One of Bangkok’s most elegant restaurants.”