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Khao Niew MamuangOne of Thailand’s most famous desserts that is an absolute must!
Bua Loy Sam SiTaro and pumpkin in sweetened pandanus-infused warm coconut milk.
Bussaracum Phak Thong Ma Praw Lert RodYellow sapphire pumpkin mochi-like slivers in sweetened coconut milk with young coconut.
Kanom KoThailand’s version of mochi. Sticky rice flour stuffed with shreds of sweet coconut and served in warm coconut milk.
Magrood Loy KaewA unique and refreshing dessert of kaffir lime in syrup with crushed ice.
Polamai Loy KaewSeasonal Thai fruits in syrup with crushed ice. Please ask your server of the tropical fruits now available.