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Gaeng Phed Moo/Gai/Nua/Ped Yang/Goong Pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, or roasted duck in red curry garnished with salted egg, sun-dried squid, and crispy small fishes.
Gaeng Kiew Waan Moo/Gai/Nua/Look Chin Pla/GoongPork, chicken, beef, fish balls or shrimp in green curry and hearts of coconuts, pea eggplants, and Thai round eggplants. Served with a condiment of salted egg, fluffy catfish, and Mon rice noodles.
Choo Chee Goong NangAromatic thick curry stir-fried with live river prawns and straw mushrooms.
Panang Moo/Gai/Nua/Ped Yang/GoongPork, chicken, beef, roast duck or shrimp in thick red curry with crushed peanuts and Thai sweet basil.
Gaeng Kari Gai HaengSliced chicken in yellow curry, coconut milk, crispy shallots served with Thai chutney and pickled papaya salad.
Massaman Gai/Nua/Goong Voted #1 of CNN’s World’s 50 Most DeliciousFoods Tender chicken, beef, or shrimp in massaman curry with roasted peanuts and potatoes