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Nam Prik Bussaracum Signature dish and one of Bussaracum’s most popular. Southern shrimp Paste dip spiced with herbs and chili served with fried Thai mackerel fish, salted eggs, fresh and steamed vegetables.
Nam Prik Long Reua Created for Thai royalty for boat trips on the Chao Phaya River, this Chili-spiced dip with ground pork served with crispy fluffy catfish and fresh and steamed vegetables.
Nam Prik Goong SodA healthy chili-spiced dip with fresh shrimp served with a variety of local vegetables.
Nam Prik Ong/Nam Prik NumTwo of the most famous Northern dips, served together with hand-carved vegetables and pork cracklings.
Nam Prik MamuangChili-spiced dip with green mango served with steamed and fresh vegetables.
Lhon Tao Jeaw/Pu Khem/Goong Coconut milk-infused dip with preserved soybeans, pickled crabs, or fresh shrimps.