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Geang Jued Chao Phaya Tofu, asparagus, vegetables, and tomatoes in clear soup.
Tom Jiew Tofu Tofu and Thai potatoes in clear soup with Thai sweet basil, Thai holy basil, fresh bird’s eye chili, lime juice, and tamarind juice
Geang Sago Jued Bussaracum Stuffed tapioca pearls with salted egg yolk in clear soup with a variety of hand-carved vegetables.
Geang Phed Red curry garnished with salted eggs.
Geang Kiew Waan Green curry and hearts of coconuts, pea eggplants, and Thai round eggplants. Served with a condiment of salted egg and Mon rice noodles.  
Choo Chee Aromatic thick curry stir-fried with straw mushrooms.