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Bussaracum Treasured Tidbits Cho Muang - Steamed handcrafted flower-shaped dumplings naturally colored with butterfly pea flower filled with seasoned minced chicken. Kratong Thong - Light crispy rice flour cups filled with blend of shrimp, pork, peas, carrots, corn kernels and seasoned with traditional Thai herbs. Toong Ngern Yuang - Minced shrimp and crabmeat wrapped in crispy bean curd to resemble golden bags. Rhoom - Bussaracum Egg net-wrapped minced pork, crabmeat, and shrimp. Goong Sorn Glin - Marinated fresh shrimp ceviched in lime juice and ginger, wrapped in lettuce leaves.
Bussaracum JewelsThai Shrimp Cake, Chicken Satay, and Crab Spring Rolls together offers different textures and tastes to tease the palate.
Kanom Beung Krai LadPaper-thin crepe filled with shrimp, bean curd, peanuts, pickled radish, and kaffir lime leaves, grated coconut and bean sprouts served with Thai cucumber vinaigrette salad.
Khao Tang Na ThangMinced pork and shrimp coconut-based dip, served with crispy rice cakes which are puffed to order.
Kang Kow PuakMinced shrimp, pork, and shitake mushrooms encased with crispy and fluffy mashed taro.
Sakuna Chom SuanBussaracum special “Shrimp Birds” made with breaded shrimp served with Bussaracum’s signature salad and dressing.