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Nua/Moo/Gai Pad Nam Mun HoyStir-fried beef, pork, or chicken with a colorful array of vegetables in oyster sauce.
Ped Yang Pad Kaprow Krob Stir-fried roasted duck breast with crispy Thai holy basil leaves.
Pad Yod Kaneang Moo KrobThis dish is Chinese influenced and beloved by Thais. Stir-fried Asian Brussels sprouts with crispy pork belly.
Pad Pak NopakaoSautéeed nine varieties of vegetables.
Makua Yaow Pad Bai Horapa Moo Lae GoongStir-fried long green eggplant with Thai holy basil and pork and shrimp.
Pak Kad Keaw Sa-Dung Nam Pla Stir-fried crisp iceberg lettuce with authentic Thai fish sauce.