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Seang WaBussaracum’s signature dish. Old-fashioned grilled prawn salad with traditional herbs, served with a variety of fresh hand-craved vegetables and crispy fluffy catfish.
Yum Moo Yang/Nua Yang MuanSeared pork or beef rolled with a spicy salad prepared to Bussaracum’s own recipe.
Yum Tua PuAmazing blend of flavors and textures. Spicy wing bean salad with ground pork, shredded chicken, shrimp, roasted chili paste, soft-boiled egg, roasted coconut, crispy garlic and shallots.
Yum Som O Thai Pomelo salad with grated coconut, shrimp and shredded chicken.
Yum Pom PhrongA trio of fried egg, salted egg, and century old egg mixed in a spicy salad.
Yum TakraiSpicy lemongrass salad with shrimp, calamari, ground pork, roasted peanuts and mint leaves